Richard Thomas

„I engaged Łukasz as my personal trainer in December 2014. I more or less woke up one day and realized that I was not a young man any more and 15 years of a demanding and stressful profession, combined with the efforts of raising 2 young kids, meant I had neglected my physical health. Every time I went to play some casual sports I injured myself because I was in such poor physical condition. I had never previously enjoyed going to the gym as I always found it boring and never really knew what exercises to and how many etc, so I searched for a personal trainer. I found Łukasz via his website and was encouraged by the fact we shared an interest in the same sports – namely football and volleyball. My instructions to him were simple – help me get stronger and fitter so I can live a healthier life and return to playing sports. I have been training with Łukasz twice a week for 9 months and the impact has been significant. I feel and (so I\’m told) look stronger and fitter than at any time in the last 10 years. The variety of exercises that Łukasz has planned for me means no two training sessions have ever been the same, which keeps my motivation high and means I look forward to every session. I feel the progress I have made in terms of my ability to execute the exercises and also to attempt more physically challenging exercises. I would not hesitate to recommend Łukasz as a personal trainer. It is a good investment in your health, and furthermore he is a very nice guy to spend a couple of hours a week with sharing a joke and a few stories in between exercises. Likewise the gym where he works is also a very friendly and welcoming environment.\”

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